Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Perfect body of "Clara" who's a sexy actress in Korea

S.Korea Actress "Clara" is famous of sexy & healthy body,  "Clara" keeps a Hearth training continually for her making bodies~!!

"Clara" was famous of exposure pictorial and video,  So it was always topic,   but now She has shown the other pure & Innocent Sexiness 
She has innate talent in change of her's appearance~!!

Clara(Lee Seung-Min), born in 1986 168cm ]

[ Clara, In the AD event Photos ]

[ Clara, fashion & Style photos ]

[ Clara,  Photos at a sprite cider Ads ]

[ 2013, Clara,  Famous Sprite  Ad  Video ]

[ In 2013, "Clara" wearing leggings uniforms have had baseball first pitch In Jamsil stadium.... It was the hot topic in Korea ]

[ This Video which was a hot topic of Clara first pitch in Korea ]

[ Clara,  Healthy & Sexy  Pictorial  Collection ]

2013.8  ClaraSexy AD photoshoot ]