Sunday, September 22, 2013

S.Korea Original Popular Actors part 1 ( The familiar actors )

Film Smoke only, There are many Popular actors in Korea........!!
Here, introduce of Original Popular Actors, They were often appeared in movie and K-drama, but, they are nearly 30s Original Popular Actors in Korea~!!
In other WordsOriginal Handsome Actors in Korea~!! 

[ Won Bin(Kim-Do Jin), was born 1977, 178cm ]
***Won Bin was the first romance of S.Korea Women~!!

2011.5  Won Bin starring  of  Film "Uncle"(아저씨) ]

[ Hyun Bin(Kim-Tae Pyung), was born in 1982, 184cm ]
***Hyun Bin was starring of the Movie( late fall) with Chinese actress "Tang Wei"

[ 2011.6, Hyun Bin and tang wei Starring Movie (late fall) ]

[ Hyun Bin pictorial shoot Video ]

Gong Yoo(Gong-Ji Cheul), born in 1979  184cm ]
*** 30s actor who no less than popular young actors~!!

2013 Starring Movie Poster

Acting Scene

[ 2013.11 Gong Yoo,  starring Movie (The Suspect, 용의자Trailer ]

[ Lee-Byung Hun, born in 1970, 177cm ]
***Lee Byung-hun is the only Hollywood actor in Korea~!! 

[ He was married with top actress Lee, Min-Jung who's 12 years younger than him in 2013 ]

[ Lee Byung-Hun  Acting  Scenes ]

[  Lee  Byung-Hun,  Pictorials  ]

 in 2013,  appeared in the film(Red)

[  Hollywood action star,  Lee  Byung-Hun ]