Sunday, October 6, 2013

Popular K-pop male Group "SHINee" introduce

Popular K-pop male group "SHINee" consists of the five handsome guy.......... SHINee made a debut in 2008.5 

in 2008 year, "SHINee" were middle & high school boy group.. They were very popular of 20~30s women.. their debut song title (누나는 넘 예뻐,  My Elder Sister is so pretty) and five years later, they have released total 31 albums

Moreover, the Japan arena tour "SHINee" finished, and They have prepared to come Back stage in today(10.6), 4th album teaser (Everybody) will be the public~!!

[ Min Ho(Choi Min Ho) born in 1991 ]

In high school graduation

 [ ON YouLee Jun Ki) Born in 1989 ]


Leader On You

TV Entertainment

On You Pictorial 1

On You pictorial 2

On You pictorial 3

[ Jong Hyun(Kim Jong Hyun) born in 1990 ]

Radio night Program progress

[ Key ( Kim Ki Bum ) born in 1991 ]

Also worked as an opera singer

[ Tae Min( Lee Tae Min )  born in 1993 ]

Handsome Tae Min

[  SHINee, Pictorials ]

Min Ho

Jong Hyun


Tae Min

[ 4th Album(EVERY BODY) teaser Pics ]

Min Ho

On You 1

On You 2

Jong Hyun


Tae Min 

[SHINee's Hit Album by year,샤이니의 연도별 힛트 앨범]

1. 2008.5.22 released Debut mini album (Elder Sister is so pretty, 누난 너무 예뻐)

[ Debut Song ( Elder Sister is So Pretty ) M/V]

[ 2008.5.25  SHINee,  SBS TV  Debut Live Stage , 데뷰무대  ]

22008.8.28 released 1st regular Album(You're like oxygen산소같은 너)]

3. 2008.10.28 released 1st Album Repackage (AMIGO 예쁜여잘 만나면 재수없단 스페인격언

4. 2009.10.14  released  Mini Album ( Ring 
Ding Dong)

5. 2010.7.19 released Regular second AbumLucifer 


6. 2012.3.19  released  Single Album .....  (SHEROCK셜록)

7. 2013.2.19 released Regular 3rd Album Chapter1 (Dream Girl)

8. 2013.4.26 released Regular 3rd Album Chapter2 (Why so Serious?

9. 2013.9.11 released mini Album for Japan (fire)

[ My Recommend Hit Song M/V,  Collection ]

1. Lucifer (2010.7.19 Mini Album)

2.Ring Ding Dong(2009.10.14 Mini Album)

3. Why so Serious (2013.4.26 Regular 3rd Album chapter 2

 PS : Personal taste is different, so you find a better music Enjoy
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