Friday, October 25, 2013

Korean Top Actress (Park Shin-Hye )

S.Korea Top Actress "Park-Shin Hye" is 24-year-old actress, she was from child actor who made hers debut in 2003....!!
in 2013, She was appeared starring "heirs" in SBS popular drama with handsome actor Lee-Min Ho, and now, from 2014.11, appeared starring "Pinocchio" in SBS Popular drama with handsome actor Lee-Jong Suk in this year ~ ***
In short, She is Queen of K-Drama ^^
Moreover  She is famous for making a Korean Wave stars actress .. !! for example, Lee min-Ho, Jang Geun-Suk, Lee Jong-Suk ... they all were the actors who starred Korean drama with her ... !!
Unusual thing, when 13-year-old Park-Shin Hye's appearance & when 24-year-old Park-Shin Hye's appearance was not different largely.....!!  In fact, I knew that all women entertainer of Korea have plastic surgery.. but, I agree that she was natural beauty..!!

[ Park- Shin Hye, born in 1990, 168 cm ]

[ 2013.8  Park Shin Hye, CeCi fashion Shoot ]

[ 2014.8  Park Shin Hye & Top , Out door Millet Photoshoot ]