Saturday, October 12, 2013

[ K-pop] SNSD Leader and lead Singer (Kim-Taeyeon)

In Korea,"Taeyeon" is the most popular member of SNSD...perhaps, you think first Yoona, Tiffany ~!!   Cause SNSD lead Singer, and TaeTiSeo leading role, Taeyeon's position is high in SM Town

SNSD has too many fan clubs, So uncountable in Korea, Perhaps, the largest SNSD fan club is "SISTERS" ... but Taeyeon's personal fan club is big as much as SNSD fan club "SISTERS"   Taeyeon's  fan club name is "Tang Paradise" ( www.

All members of SNSD were selected & educated as All-round entertainer, but Cause Taeyeon is lead singer, deservedly She recorded the most many solo song and OST Album~!!

whenever I see Kim-tanggu, I feel that pain of heart,   She is natural beauty!!!     
I really respect of  hers deep belief & pure mind~**   She was educated as all-round entertainer, but Because She is SNSD leader and lead singer, except singing, She has do nothing.......!!

[ Kim-Taeyeon,  born in 1989 ]

[ Kim-Taeyeon, MrMr related photos ]

[ 2013.1.22  Taeyeon & Tiffany,  Duet Hit Song( Lost in Love, 유리아이) at KBS  Yoo Hee-Yeol's SketchBook ]
**This Duet Song is very romantic Ballad~!!

Taeyeon is the most beautiful, When She is on the stage ]

[ natural beauty, Kim-Taeyeon ]


[  Kim-Taeyeon,  Beauty & Sexy Pictorial Collection ]

[ 2013.12.29  TaeTiSeo ( Crazy in Love ) in SBS Music Festival ]

[ 2013.12.31, SNSD performance in MBC Music Festival (focus :Taeyeon ) ]

[ 2011.8   Kim-Taeyeon,  Solo Song (Hush Hush ) ]