Wednesday, October 9, 2013

K-POP First people's younger Sister (I U) ..part 1

When "IU(Lee Eun Ji)" was 15-year-old junior high student, she has debuted in 2008...when "IU" sing a song balad music softly with only guitar,  peoples send applaud on her because she looks pure, cute, pretty~!! So,"IU" has became"eternal People's younger Sister" in K-pop world~** 
"IU"was old one year than"Suzy"of Miss A.... but, Suzy looks like a lady,  IU always looks likepretty & young girl~!!

"IU" need to escape from her own impression and  after over nine months work,  in the last, she attempt to large to speak, "from girl, to sexy witch"

[ IU(Lee-Eun Ji ), born in 1993, 163cm ]

IU Cute Pictorial collection ]


[  through the Video,  Let's confirm why She is People's younger Sister in Korea  ]  

[ 2012.10  IU Sang a song (story of  Old  Couple) ]

[ 2011.11   IU   Hit Song ( You & I )  Second Version  MV  ]

[ 2014.4  IU & High4 Collaboration Song (Not Spring, Love, Cherry Blossom),
Recently, this song has ranked #1 at the all music charts  ]

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