Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Popular K-pop mature women group (Brown Eyed Girls) Part 2

on average of a year, more than 10 girl group whose were debuted as a Sexy concept and they will disappear in K-pop girl group part.... so I have introduced before,  popular K-pop girl or male groups keeps on their popularity at least for over 3 years in K-pop world

However, popular Women group "Brown Eyed Girls"  made a debut in 2006.3 still now maintained its popularity for eight years.... a group of women has maintained its popularity for 8 years in  K-pop world  is a great history and even today, They are loved by 30s female fans
So far, Brown Eyed Girls released 20 albums. let see their history return~!!

Brown Eyed Girls 1

[ Narsha(나르샤), born in 1981 ]  

[ Jea (제아), born in 1981 ]

[ Miryo (미료), born in 1981 ]

[ Ga in(손가인), born in 1987  ]

Ga In who is the most senior female group member , has 2-30s fan Club its name is Fairy Pitta and twitter ID is @ FPGain

Fairy Pitta's photo

after blood donation

[ Brown Eyed Girls,  Major  Album ] 

2006.3.9  debut album, (approached, 다가와서)

2009.7.21 Regular Album (Abracadabra),  Brown Eyed Girls climbed to the top of k-pop and earned Music source income over 10 billion by this Album

2009.10.29 Regular Album (Sign)

2011.9.23  Regular Album (sixth sense)

2013.7.29  Regular Album ( Kill Bill )

2013.11.11  Narsha & Miryo Unit ( Tonight )

2011.9.23, Brown Eyed Girls Hit Song " Six Sense" MV ]

2010.8.20 Brown Eyed Girls, Abracadabra , Korean Music Award  M/V of the year ] 

[ 2010.10.23  Brown Eyed Girls "Abracadabra" MBC live ]

2013.8.2  Brown Eyed Girls,  Kill Bill Dance Version ]

[ 2013.11.10 Miryo(미료) & Narsha(나르샤), Unit(Tonight) M/V ]