Sunday, November 17, 2013

popular K-pop "SHINee" part 2 (Choi- Min Ho )

Since SHINee have hit 3 Song(Dream Girl, Why so Serious, Every Body) in last year(2013)....... 
They have secured the fixed female fans of 10~30s in Korea.......They really became a popular K-pop male group~!!

So this Post,  I will introduce of the most handsome member  Choi- Min Ho.....!!

[ Choi-Min Ho, was born in 1991, 182cm ]

***Minho can do smoke and singing, along with the pictorials  & CF shoot,  in other words, He is a all-round entertainer ~!!

Past  Min Ho

Current  Min Ho

[ (Hot) SHINee will held their concert  in Latin America( 3 country ) coming in April~!! ]

[ Min Ho, Pictorials & Street Fashion etc ]

Street  Fashion 1



[ Min Ho, on the live Stage ]

***2013.2.24  SHINee  Come Back Stage( Dream Girl) at SBS INKIGAYO~!!

*** 2013.5.21 SHINee has ranked #1(Why so Serious) at SBS INKIGAYO~!!

*** 2013.10.12  SHINee  Come Back Stage (Every Body) at MBC Music Core~!!