Thursday, November 28, 2013

Popular SBS drama "Heirs (focus : Lee min Ho)" guide 2

in 2009.1Handsome actor "Lee Min-Ho" appeared in KBS2 Drama (Boys Over Flowers), in 2011.5, SBS Drama (City Hunter), in 2012.8, SBS Drama (God Doctor).. he became Korean Wave Star in Japan and China.. and in 2013,  Lee-Min Ho won the Best Asian Artist Award in China" In additionHe serves as singer......!!
Lee-Min Ho" has a worldwide fan club
Hero of Domestic Drama "Lee-Min Ho" has exceeded over ten million fans in China

Korea SBS drama 'heirs (상속자들)' content that was affections of high school students in upstream 1%.. So as criticism of the viewers at first, viewer ratings is low
But now, Cause excellent smoke of starring actor "Lee- Min Ho" etc , in same timezone.. SBS Drama (heirs) recorded overwhelmingly 19.8% viewer rating~!!
The same time zone drama are MBC (medical Top team) & KBS (pretty boys)

Actor & Singer, Lee-Min Ho born in 1987, 187cm ]

[ Drama (heirs)  Steel cut..... ]

[ Steel  Cut  like Pictorial ]

[ Love scene with Park Shin Hye ]

[ Lee Min-ho starring of Popular drama Collection  

2009.1 KBS1 ( Boys over Flowers)

2011.5  SBS  (City Hunter )

2012.8  SBS (God Doctor)

Drama  heirs  Replay, 드라마 다시보기 ]

[ Heirs Ep 16, Lee Mon Ho & Park Shin Hye  Kiss scene ]