Thursday, December 19, 2013

Amazing K-pop girl group "2NE1" part 2 (Park Bom and Park-SanDara)

2NE1 is amazing girl group who must express of a lot ... So I've hesitant of 2NE1's introduce
When 2NE1 debuted in 2009, All of the Kpop girl group must change their fashion
Their appearance is sufficient to receive great attention~!!

2NE1 consists of outstanding Vocalist "Park Bom" and "Park Sandra", and natural talented Hip Hop Singer CL and Gong Min Ji....

"YG family" surpass huge organization "SM entertainment" in K-pop World, as only 3 part which Psy, BigBang, 2NE1 earns revenue per a year

CEO "Yang-Hyun Suk" of  "YG Family"  advice only to their Singer's creative activities and Never do directly control.... This is why "YG Family" loved in Korea~!!

in this post,  I introduce of "Park-Bom"& "Park-Sandara"  whose are called as " Double Park"( So-called : "SSangPark")..... and Hip Hop Singer "CL" & "Gong- MinJI" are continue to the post in part 3

[ park Bom was born in 1984.3 ]

Park-Bom has the most beautiful legs in celebrities of Korea
Park Bom  great Hit Single Album (Don't Cry) in 2011

[ Park Bom was awarded Single Album of the year in  MAMA 2011]   

Park Bom Hit Single Album( You & I )

[ Park Bom Single Album (You & I ) in 2009 M/V ]

Park Bom & Lee Hayi  Unit Album

Lee-Hayi is Solo Singer from SBS K-pop audition

[ 2013.12.20,  Bom & Hi  Duet Song( All I want for Chrismas is for you)  PV ]

Park-SanDara, was born in 1984.11 ]

**Park-Sandara has the most baby face in all celebrity of korea

Park Sandara  Single Album ( Kiss ) in 2009

2009.10 the popular actor "Lee Min-ho" appeared in this M/V( Kiss) ]

Skin Beauty

Hers beauty regimen is of interest

Doule Park Pic 1

Double Park pic 2

Order by the best-selling album in the United States

latest Album (Missing You, 그리워해요)

2NE1  Debut Album( feat BigBang) in 2009.3

[ 2NE1, Debut Album (Lollipop)  M/V ]

[ 2NE1,  Debut Stage Live in SBS TV( 2009.5.17 ) ]

[ 2NE1, latest Album( Missing You, 그리워해요) M/V ]

PS : 2NE1 will be held world tour from 3.1 2014 for 9 countries and 14 Cities~!!