Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Amazing K-pop girl group "2NE1" part 3 (about CL and Gong-Min Ji )

"2NE1" means 21century ... that is, "2NE1" has declared that was the leader of 21st century K-pop world since their debut in 2009
2NE1's "Park Bom" and "Park-Sandara" are outstanding vocalist  but, CL and Gong-Minji  are innate talented hip-hop singer.

at earlier post  2NE1(part 2), introduced that  2NE1's Double Park (Park Bom & Park Sandara) are 30-year-old Singer, but CL is 23 years old and Gong-MinJi is 20 years old

Despite the age of 30, Park Bom and Park-Sandra's beauty are famous of K-pop girl group area...Honestly, CL and Gong-MinJi are not beautiful faced women but are strong character Musician 
If "CL" is tall, I think that she will be a worldwide fashion model or designer,~!!

"CL" is 23 years old Singer who's born in the United States, and She is seven years younger than "double Park" , but She is perfect leader of 2NE1 that supported by "double Park".......


2 NE1 pics


2NE1 TV in tvn

U.S. Billboard expresses of 2NE1's invasion 

[ 2013.5,    2NE1 & Snoop Dogg performing in Seoul ]

[  CL (Lee-Chae Rin), was born in 1991 ]


CL    Album Jaket 

Album(Missing You) Steel Cut 1

Album(Missing You) Steel Cut  2

Album(Missing You) Steel Cut  3

[  CL's  Pictorial  Collection  ]

[ Star Pictorial July. CL ]  

[  CL's  Solo  Album  &  Duet with Gong- Min Ji  ]

2011.4.25  Album (Bozack)

2013.5.28  Album (Bad Girl )

2009.11.20 released Duet with Gong-Min Ji (Please don't go )

[ 2010.2  SBS TV  Live  (Please don't go) ]

[  Gong-Min Ji,  was born in 1994  ]

[  2NE1,  2013 year  released  Album ]

2013.7.8  (Falling in Love )

[2013. 7.8 released Album(Falling in love) M/V ]

2013. 8.7  (Do you love  me)

2013.11 (Missing You )

[  2NE1,  2013 MAMA  perfomance (Lonely &  Missing you ) ]

[ Personally, My favorite Song( I Love You ) announced in 2012.7

( 2NE1, I love you  M/V )