Friday, December 6, 2013

[K-pop] EXO, 2013 Year Total cleanup~!! (EXO-M focus)

This year, the best album sales and the most prominent activities of K-op  EXO was the best of..... So take a look at their activities of the year, 12.5 released Album (miracle in December, 12월의 기적) and Every thursday being aired on "EXO's Showtime" of MBC cable TV ( total clean up~!!

EXO Calendar 1

EXO calendar 2

EXO Calendar 3

EXO, MBC Cable TV (Show Time) began from 11.28

EXO is familiar to f(X) girls

EXO-Kmiracle in December )


D.O 1

D.O 2



Sleepy Luhan


Appeared in the MBC entertainment program Baekhyun & Suho

EXO-M Calendar, EXO-M의 달력사진 ]


EXO-M( miracle in december )



Kris 1

Kris 2


Luhan 1

Luhan 2

Luhan 3

Luhan 4

Luhan 5

Luhan 6

Luhan dressed as a girl, pretty Boy


Tao 1

Tao 3

Tao 2

Xiumin 1

Xiumin 2

Xiumin 3

Lay 1

Lay 2

Chen 1

Chen 2

The album(miracle in December) is being recorded by EXO

Ocean way Nashville Tennessee recording studio(USA)

[ 2013.12.5  EXO-M, Miracles in December(Chinese Ver) M/V]   

(12.24~12.25, EXO & f(X) will held ilsan Kintex concert at the end of the year )

EXO Show time poster

Every Thursday PM 6:00  (EXO's Show time scene)

[ 11.28, EXO SHOW TIME part 1 Full ]

[ 12.5, EXO SHOW TIME  Part 2 Full ]

EXO's teacher "Shin Dong(신동)" in K-pop male group(Super Junior)

EXO Girl (Yoon So Hee, 윤소희) appeared in M/V of EXO

EXO 12 members

[2012.1.30 EXO-M, "What is Love" M/V ]

[2012.3.9  EXO-M, History M/V]