Saturday, December 14, 2013

Korean Wave Star(Jang-Geun Suk) and K-Drama(Love Rain) Introduce

As Korean actor, Representative case of Korean wave Star are "Bae-Yong Joon" (Japanese Nickname: yonsama) and "Jang-Geun Suk" (Japanese Nickname: Geun Jjang), and Lee-Min Ho....!!
Jang-Geun Suk and Lee-Min Ho was born in 1987, but Jang-Geun Suk made a debut at age of 5 as a child actor ,   So now His debut was 22 years 
Moreover, actor Lee-Min Ho Wei Bo fans have recently surpassed 10 million people, but  Jang-Gun Suk had already exceeded 15 million people......!!

Jang-Geun Suk coming and going Japan and S.Korea between 2009-2012 years, was working as actor and singer, especially his heyday in Japan was 2011 year
in particular,  Lee-Min Ho activities to same singer in Japan but there is no domestic anti-fans, but Jang-Guen Suk have a lot of domestic anti-fans, nevertheless Jang-Guen Suk announced 10 Music album....!!

long hair of Jang-Gun Suk was a symbol, but these days, he cut long hair for only smoke....!!

[ Jang-Geun Suk, born in 1987, 182 cm ]

[ Jang-Geun Suk, Airport Fashion ]

[ Jang-Geun Suk, Smoke scene ]

[ Japan activities in 2011, 일본활동시기 ]

[ Aired on 2012,  KBS2 Popular Drama (Love Rain, 사랑비) ]
Jang Geun Suk and SNSD YoonA was starring of this drama~**

[ KBS Drama(Love Rain) Highlight Collection ]
Jang-Geun Suk fell in love with YoonA within 3 seconds~***

[ KBS Drama(Love Rain) Hug Scene ]

[ KBS Drama(Love Rain) Kiss Scene ]

[ KBS Drama (Love Rain) Making Video ]

[ Jang-Geun Suk, Pictorial Collection ]