Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Popular K-pop girl group "SISTAR" part 2(Hyorin, SoYu)

SISTAR is representative popular girl group of "Star ship" Entertainment , and attract competent Singers on their entertainment agency through their popularity & sincerity...so to speak,  "SISTAR" is another "INFINITE" in K-pop girl groups~!!

Representative examples, Hip-Hop Singer "Mad Clown" and male solo artist
"K Will" work at the same agency, together SISTAR

"SISTAR" and "2NE1debuted in 2010 and Nowadays, SISTAR "Hyorin" solo album & 2NE1's new album are in a fierce competition for the top of TV music programs

SISTAR is famous of long legs dance (so-called: hakdari dance)  now introduce SISTAR part 2~!!



SISTAR is famous of  sexy body



So-Called  Hak Dari Dance

SISTAR was awarded the Top 10 Singer at the Melon Music Awards 

Hollywood actress Paris Hilton is a fan of SISTAR, especially like Dasome

leading Singer  Hyorin ,  born 1991   163cm ] 

Hyorin is one of K-pop sexy girl Top 5


12.7 won the Top at MBC music core 



Stive Wonder like Hyorin

Stive wonder & Hyorin have collaboration stage in MAMA 

Hyorin Solo album " Love & Hate"

[ HyoRin,  Solo album  " Only one Love(너밖에몰라),  M/V ]

[ HyoRin,  Solo Album "Lonely"   M/V ]

in 2013.11 released Hyorin Solo album, "Only one love" & "Lonely" are ranked #1,2 at GAON chart( Music Source Chart)

Actor Yoo Yun Suk  appeared in Hyorin's M/V

Hyorin sang the OST of SBS Drama "master's Sun(주군의 태양)" , had  #1 in music chart

Sexy pictorial 1

Sexy Pictorial 2

Sexy Pictorial 3

Sexy Pictorial 4

Sexy Pictorial 5

Sexy Pictorial 6

[ So Yu, was born in 1992,  169cm ]

So Yu

Selp Camera 1



On Halloween

Sexy Boby



Stupid Love(착해빠졌어) , Duet Song with Madclown

So Yu appeared in JTBC TV entertainment program "대단한시집" from 9.25

Alone teaser pic

Hyorin & Dasome

So Yu  & Dasome 1
2012 4. released Hit Song (ALONE)
2012.6 Released Hit Song(Loving You)

So Yu & Dasome 2

[  2012  SISTAR  Hit Song  Collection( ALONE, Loving You)  ]

**SISTAR 19 and Dasom, Bora's Story continue to part 3