Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Popular K-pop girl group SISTAR part3 (Bora, Dasom)

in the previous post (SISTAR part 2), I have introduced that "SISTAR" is another INFINITE of the K-pop girl group World

K-pop girl group 2NE1 is a creative fashion as long as the United States are acknowledged, but SISTAR is a practical fashion
Bora is a SISTAR's fashion maker......!!

SISTAR always choose the same colors fashion on the stage
Bora appeared in SBS entertainment program (Fashion King, Korea, 패션왕)  on Sunday night,  together SNSD Tiffany

Dasom's nickname is the mystery girl....Dasom is the youngest member of SISTAR, but she represented  pure & Sexy Beauty both

Dasom's acting talent was recognized early, So she is starring of  KBS1 Daily TV Drama(Melody of Love, 사랑은 노래를 타고),
SNSD"Yoona" appeared  KBS2 Mon & Tue Drama(Prime Minister & I,총리와 나)......!!




SISTAR  at  Melon K-pop Star Show

[ SISTAR  Elder Member,  Bora, Born in 1990   164cm ]


[ Bora,   on the Stage ]

With pro-football player Koo-Ja Cheul

[ Bora,  Sexy & Fashion Pictorial ]

[  Bora &  SNSD  Tiffany  appeared in  SBS Fashion King,  Korea) on Sunday night ]

Fashion King, Korea 

Bora & Tiffany



Tiffany & Bora are friendly like a real Sistar

Tiffany & Bora participate in "fashion King, Korea" as fashion designer 

[ Fashion King, Korea Trailer, 패션왕코리아 예고편]  

[ youngerst Member,  Dasom  born in 1993.  167cm ]

[ Dasome,   Self -Camera ]

Bora &  Dasom  

[ Dasom expressed up to the lady at the girl ]

[ Dasom is Starring of KBS 1  Daily Drama ( Melody of Love, 사랑은 노래를타고 ) ]

[ KBS1 Daily Drama (Melody of Love) Trailer, 사랑은 노래를타고 예고편 ]

[ KBS2  Mon & Tue Drama( Prime Minister & I, 총리와 나)  High Light ]

[  SISTAR 19,  Hyorin &  Bora   Introduce ]

2011.5.3  released Album( MA BOY)

2013.1.19 released Album (있다없으니까)

[  2011.5   SISTAR 19,   MA  BOY   M/V ]

[2013.1  SISTAR19,  Gone not arround  any longer, 있다없으니까  M/V ]

[ 2013.2.4  SISTAR19,   MBC Music Core,  Gone not arround any longer, 있다없으니까 ]

Bora & Hyorin pictorial





[ 2013.6.16  SISTAR,  MBC  Music Core,  Give it to me ]