Thursday, January 23, 2014

Talk About popular K-pop girl group " f(x) "

Popular K-pop girl group "f(x)" made a debut in 2009.9 with first Album( La Cha Ta).....!!  
Even if they looks young and Sexy, they're absolutely the veteran girl group in K-pop world......!!
f(x) have a stylish beauty and they have many Hit song, but they seems to be unfortunate girl group, because in 2009, they made a debut together with 2NE1....!!
further, f(x) underestimate than their ability....!!     for example, Even they are veteran girl group , f(x) seems to have a role as "SHINee" and "EXO" partner in SM town ...!!
but,  when girl group f(x) evaluating, they're K-pop top class girl group....!!
If they were not belong to SM town,  they seems to be evaluated much more popular in K-pop world...!! 

f(x)  1

f(x) 2

f(x) 3

f(x) 4






[  Victoria,  born in 1987  168cm  from China ]
*** Victoria appeared frequently Starring of the Chinese Drama~!!

[  Sulli (Choi-Jinri),  born in 1994 168cm  ]
***Sulli has also appeared frequently in Korean drama~!!

Drama scene

[  Krystal (Jung-SooJung)  born in 1994   167cm from USA]
***Krystal is busy of "SM the Ballad" activity & Also appeared Korean drama 

[  Amber,  born in 1992  166cm  from  Taiwanese-American ]
***Amber has many collaboration work with Henry & SHINee as a excellent rapper

[  Luna(Lee-Sunyoung)   born in 1993    163cm  ]
*** individually, Luna is very powerful voice singer 

[  My Recommend, f(x) Hit Songs ]

[ 2010.5  Hit Song (Nu ABO) MV ]

[ 2011.4  Hit Song (Danger, 피노키오)  MV ]

[ 2012.6  Hit Song (Electric Shock )  M/V ]

[ 2013.7  Hit Song(Rum Pum Pum Pum, 첫사랑니) MV ]