Saturday, January 4, 2014

[HOT] SNSD Yoona's lover, "Lee-Seung Gi "

 "Lee-Seung Gi" is  Actor & Singer but, more famous rather as a soft MC
Lee-Seung Gi is an intelligent performer, and in common with SNSD Yoona is a neat character
Two people are the most busy schedule entertainer in korea....

Nowadays, this big couple is  the best topic in early 2014 Korea
The two people in the media coverage, from 2013.9  they were in love with,  but they have pointed to each other already ideal type at TV appearances since 2011~!!

within 500m Distance, two peoples live in each luxury villa at Seoul Gangnam, considering the busy schedule, So Lee-Seung Gi always pick up Yoona, and  after 1-2 hours in a vehicle dating near the house, he always to take her home~!!

Lee-seung Giborn in 1987182cm ]

Lee-Seung Gi and SNSD Yoona lover  News

Concert in japan

[  2011.10 released  Lee-Seung Gi  Hit Song ( Love Time, 우리연예할까 ) ]

[  When Lee-Seung Gi was MC of  the SBS entertainment program(Strong Heart, 강심장), he became friendly with SNSD Yoona ]

( SBS  "Strong Heart" 107 part )

[ 2012.3~5.28   MBC  Drama  The Kimg ]

2013.4.28~5.25  SBS  Drama(구가의 서) ]

[ MBC Drama (구가의 서) OST (the last word, Song by Lee-Seung Gi) the "Lee-Seung Gi" starred with Korean People's first Love "Suzy " ]

[ Lee Seung Gi and SNSD Yoona love ]