Friday, January 17, 2014

Kpop Big Trend "EXO" part 1(fabulous matching mate, Kai and Sehun)

According to the rules of K-pop,  When any K-pop group maintained their popularity over 3 years, they should be recognized top class of K-pop group, but  in case on "EXO",  they earned 30 billion won in 2013 year with only their album sales....!! Further, they have a new record of K-pop....!! 
And finally"  EXO" awarded "Golden Disk Prize" in early 2014
EXO is not rookie anymore,  they become a mainstream of K-pop.....!!
at this post, I will introduce EXO matching mate( Kai & Sehun).....!!
Commonly, Kai & Sehun are the youngest members of EXO, and  same Dancing Machine & Rapper....!!  Further, they make a good harmony in everything....!!

[ Kai (Kim-Jong In), born in 1994.1, 182cm ]

[ Kai, the performance photos ]

[ Sehun(Oh-Sehun), born in 1994.4, 181cm ]

[ Oh-Sehun, the performance Photos ]

[ 2013.12.29  EXO(Growl) at SBS Music Festival ]

[ 2013.5  EXO, the most impressive MV (Wolf) ]

[ 2012.4  EXO, full teaser Video ]