Monday, February 17, 2014

K-pop Big Trend "EXO" part 5 (lead Singer D.O)

EXO have broken the rules of K-pop in only  two years and EXO became a mainstream of K-pop.... so I will not explain any more about EXO~!!
at this post, Let's feel the attractive D.O of EXO-K....!!

[ D.O(Do-Kyung Soo), born in 1993 171cm ]
*** He is a Main Vocal of EXO and good Actor....!!

[ EXO (D.O), on the Stage Photos ]

[ 2014.11  EXO(D.O) appeared film(Cart), Also sang Film OST (Crying Out) ]

[  EXO(D.O),  Pictorial  Collection  ]

[  EXO-K ,  Run   Pictorial  &  Video ]

[  EXO-K, Run(Pictorial Collection)  Video ]