Thursday, February 27, 2014

K-pop Queen SNSD part 3 ( Beauty Goddess, Im Yoon-A)

Each member of Girls Generation have   got her's Nicknames~!!   
for example, Unicorn, style icon, mascot, princess, etc.......!
Among them, YoonA is Always called as Goddess at home & abroad ..... !!   Especially, China elected YoonA as the best Asian beautiful women ^^
YoonA earned the most many advertising & Drama revenue in SNSD members~!!

Let's watch the Various beautiful faces of YoonA....!!

[ Im-YoonA, born in 1990, 169 Cm ]

[  Various beautiful faces of  Im YoonA ]

[ YoonA, acted Innisfree cosmetics Model During six-years ]

[ Various advertising shoot Scenes ]

[ YoonA, Various Event Photos ]

[ Im Yoon A, Pictorial  Collection ]

[ 2013.1 SNSD( I got a boy, Yoona focus ) at KBS Hope Concert ]