Friday, February 7, 2014

K-POP Queen SNSD part 2 ( Aegyo Queen, Sunny )

Even if Sunny has Smallest body, She is a cute mascot of SNSD, because she knew instinctively how to be sexy and cute ~!!
Around 2010 year, Cause hers Unique charming cuteness , gutted popular among S. Korea 30~40s men (aka: Sam Chon Fan) ~!!
Surprisingly, Korean surveys came out the most sexy body member of SNSD is Sunny, and "Sunny's bodyline" have been identified as the most complete~!!
in add, She has a role in lifeblood of SNSD, her's good image is higher in Korea~!!
From May 2014, She became of MBC FM Radio DJ (title: Date with Sunny, broadcast on pm 8-10), Her's Aegyo voice is fantastic ~!!
Let's watch of her's sexy and cute looks together!!

[ Sunny(Lee-Seun Gyu), born in 1989 ]

[ Sunny, "FM Radio" in progress and live show VideoPictures ]

[ 2014.8.19, YoonA on Sunny's FM Date

[ 2014.9.19, TaeTiSeo on Sunny's FM Date ]

[ Sunny, Musical (title : Singing in the rain)  Acting scene ]

[  Sunny, on the stage photos ]

[ Sunny, Pictorial Collection ]

[ 2013.12, Sunny's sexy stage of imitate Song(Bloom) at SMTown Concert ]