Monday, February 24, 2014

[K-pop] Remarkable Rookie Singer part1 (Lim Kim)

In Korea,  many singers are debuting through several TV Audition...  but Their competitiveness of K-pop market are weaker than New singers who's prepared for several years in large-scale entertainment~!!

Nevertheless, there are particular singers in domestic K-pop .....for example, the one is Solo singer "Kim Ye Lim" from M-net SuperStar K, and  the another Solo singer is "Lee HaYi" from SBS K-pop ... they are attracting attention enough.... 
In this post, introduce of "Kim Ye Lim" first...!!

[ Lim Kim( Kim-YeLim), born in 1994, 164cm ]
***Lim Kim's voice is very unique and I feel like hip-hop ballad~**

[ Except MAMA,  Lim Kim has been gutted New Artist in the four sector of 5 Music Awards in 2013,  In other words, She won the New artist of Melon Music, Golden Disk, Seoul Music awards, GAON Chart...  ]

Melon  music Awards

Golden Disk Awards

Seoul Music Awards

GAON Chart Awards

[ Lim Kim, Debut Album(a Voice) & Hit song(All right & Colorring) in 2013.6 ]

[ 2013.6 Lim Kim, (All Right)  M/V  ]

[ 2013.6  Lim Kim, ( Colorring ) M/V ]

[ Lim Kim ,  Pictorial Collection ]

[  Lim Kim , 2013 Hit Song  Collection  ]

[ 2013.11 Lim Kim, Hit Song(Good By 20)  M/V  ]

[ 2013.8  Lim Kim,  Hit Song( Rain ) M/V ]