Sunday, March 30, 2014

K-pop Big trend EXO part 9 (About Chanyeol)

In EXO members, the most tall and good Rapper member is Chanyeol~!!
Chanyeol has vivacious and cheerful personality, because He grew up in a wealthy family.....!!   so, Chanyeol has a lot of teenage girl fans in Korea...!
Check it out the reason Why Chanyeol is popular in Korea~**

[ Park-Chanyeol, born in 1992  184 cm ]

[ EXO 902014 Project, Park-Chanyeol reinterpretation of HOT light ]

[  Chanyeol,  on the stage photos ]

[ Super Junior M, ZHOUMI (Rewind, feat EXO Chanyeol) MV ]

[ Park-Chanyeol,  Pictorials ]

[ 2012.5  EXO-K(MAMA, focus: Chanyeol) in Dream Concert ]

Friday, March 28, 2014

K-pop Big trend" EXO" part 8 (about Baekhyun )

Until now,  through EXO posts, 
I emphasized that Dance machine is  Kai, Sehun, Lay  order, and lead singer is Baekhyun, D.O, Chen order~!!
So at this post,  I introduce of  BaekHyun who's very cute, handsome & lead Singer

[ Byun-Baek Hyun,   born in 1992  175cm ]

[  BaekHyun,  Cute pictures ]

[ Baekhyun,  on the stage photos ]

[  Baekhyun,  Pictorial Collection ]

Baekhyun is familiar with D.O


[  Why Baekhyun is lead Singer, Listen to his Song (What is love) Show Case ]

 [ 2013.10 EXO-K(Growl) Baekhyun focus ]

[ 2013.11 Baekhyun's Cute look in MAMA Awards ]

   PS: Baekhyun's nickname in Korea is  Milkboy~!!