Saturday, March 22, 2014

[K-pop] SHINee (Key) and INFINITE (Nam-Woohyun) Duet "To Heart" Introduce

When SM town made the unique Unit(SHINee's Key & INFINITE's Nam-Woohyun), Two Musician has promised each other that don't affect their own team.....!!
In fact, SHINee have a schedule of their concert in South America in Apr.2014 and Also,INFINITE has promised their complete comeback to fans in same Apr.2014.....!!  
Above all,  All Songs of SHINee's "Key" & INFINITE's "Nam-Woohyun" Duet(aka: To Heart) are slow pop music,  but Amazing point is that  two talented musicians made it transformed into a new Pop music~!!
In addition, SHINee and INFINITE Unit has been shown as fantastic combination..!! 
therefore, the fact that domestic fans had concentrated interest was the topic.....!!

[ "Two Heart" Pictures ]

[ "To  Heart " SHINee(Key), Born in 1991 ]

[ "To  Heart " INFINITE(Nam-WooHyun), Born in 1991 ]

2014.3.10 "To Heart"  (Delicious)  M/V  ]

English broadcasting Arirang K-pop, To Heart( Delicious)  Introduce ]

[ 2014.3.13 To Heart(Tell me Why & Delicious) In Mnet TV ]