Monday, March 17, 2014

[K-pop] Talk About SNSD(Jessica) and f(x) Krystal~!!

As you Know, SNSD (Jessica) And f(x) Krystal are real sisters, So Korean people say them as Jung sisters,  Moreover Jung Sisters are called the the same Nickname "Ice Princess"

The reason why Jung Sister's Nickname are called as "Ice Princess" by fans was often shown as Poker Face by TV screen when appeared in TV entertainment programs and events

However, the actual nature of Jung Sisters are very active as much as personality which dislike lose than the other persons.. but, nevertheless Jessica always gives up to Krystal like a mother

Usually, Korean people envy of the fact that Jung Sisters are more acquainted than other real sisters.... So, Let's feel of the beauty of Jung sisters~!!

[ Jessica(Jung-Soo yeun) born in 1989, Krystal(Jung-Soo jung) born in 1994 from U.S.A ]

[  Jessica,  photo collection ]

[  Krystal, photo collection  ]

[ 2011.6  Jung Sisters, TiK Tok  in SM Town Paris Concert ]

[ 2012.8  Jung Sisters, California Girls in SM Town LA Concert ]

[ 2013.10 Jung Sisters, Photo Shoot ]

[ If a father who have daughters like these sisters?]