Thursday, March 27, 2014

SNSD new song(Mr.Mr) explanation

MV of SNSD new song (Mr Mr) was hard to understand~!!  In a short, SNSD New Song lyrics were difficult ~* So We must read the lyrics of New Song(Mr Mr)
In New Song lyrics, sirs men ... You're our hope... So, Wish to become the powerful men ...In other words, Contents of the song is encouraged of the men tired~**

This year early, SNSD has a schedule to announce their new song(Mr Mr), but Suddenly  because of MV(Mr Mr) data loss, New Song announce was delayed~*
However, the fact of delayed was that 2NE1's New song(Come Back Home) of YG family has a scheduled to announce a week later~!!

in K-pop world,  As two representative girl group of SM Town & YG Family, SNSD & 2NE1's frontal confrontation was too scared~*    It's real of K-pop^^

SM Town has held a lot of fan meeting and press conference for avoid the evaluation that New Song of SNSD was difficult ~!! 

[  SNSDMrMr  PR  ]

[  SNSD (MrMr)  on the Live Stage ]

[  SNSD, Domestic music Program (KBS, MBC, Mnet, SBS) ranked # 1 commemoration  ]

[  SNSD, Press Conference ]

[  SNSD, New Song (MrMr)  teaser Pics ]

Hyo yeon




Soo young

[ MrMr  teaser Member's Pictorials ]




Yu Ri

Yoon a




Hyo yeon

[ SNSD   (MrMr)  M/V  ]

[ SNSD (MrMr) Introduce in MNet TV  ]