Wednesday, April 30, 2014

K-pop Big Trend EXO part 13 (about Lay)

in Chinese members Tao is good at Chinese martial arts and He wish to become action Movie Star.....!!  
but, In terms of musicality, Lay is the most outstanding because his playing piano is top class, and his dance Skill is Amazing.....!!
Currently, Tao & Lay appeared in China entertainment TV program & Movie....!!
at this posts  introduce of "Layin 10 members of EXO....!!

[  Lay, born in 1991   174 cm  ]

[ 2014.9  EXO 902014  Lay, Remake MV (Missing You) ]

 EXO ( Lay ),  on the stage  photos  ]

[ EXO (Lay),  Pictorials ]

[ 2014.10.7  EXO Lay, Happy birthday ]

Thursday, April 17, 2014

[K-pop] Big Bang part 1 (about sexy TOP)

in last year(2013), American music magazine "Rolling Stone"selected "Top" of BIGBANG as the most sexy man in the World
Only one Unit of "BIgBang" is "GD & TOP" and After released their regular Album(Monster) in 2012~**
Each members have had personal Music activity, but Each member's musicality are amazing~!!   BigBang album Sale in the United States is similar to SNSD
at this post, I will introduce of the most sexy man "TOP"
in Addition...Between 6.2 ~ 6.7,  "Top" held their Image photo exhibitions  of the commemoration of his 27 old years 

[ Top(Choi-SeungHyun), born in 1987 181cm  ]

AD shoot with Park Shin Hye

[  Big Bang Top,  on the stage photos  ]

[ 2011.2  Big Bang (GD & Top),  Hit Song (Baby Good night)  MV ]

[  Big Bang Top,  Image Book photos ]

[ Big Bang Top,  Pictorial  collection  ]

[  Big Bang Top,  Album teaser  ]

Big Bang (5 members )

[ 2010.6  Big Babg Top, Hit Song(Turn in up ) MV  ]

[ The best Artist of the year in 2013 MAMA AwardsBig Bang Performances ]