Thursday, April 10, 2014

K-pop Big Trend EXO part 11 ( leader SUHO)

Korea Society think Important of human experience, therefore Rank of organization indicates human experience and ability
So, K-pop group leader is likewise ....!!   
All leader of K-pop group have to work harder than other group members....!!
Suho is an outstanding leader of EXO....Moreover, he has the talent in the TV entertainment ....  therefore he has a lot of female fans~*

[ SUHO (Kim-Joon Myun) born in 1991 176cm ]

Handsome  SUHO


Acting Scene

Hand priting

SUHO, New mini album teaser 1

SUHO, New mini album teaser 2

[ (FanMadeSuho(Kim-Joon Myun) mp4 ]

[  SUHO,  on the live Stage Pictures ]

[   SUHO,  Pictorial  Collection  ]

[ 2014.8  EXO 902014  Suho, Remake MV (Dear Mom) ]