Tuesday, April 15, 2014

K-pop Big Trend EXO part 12 ( about Tao)

EXO-M member "Tao" is tall man and has a beautiful Eye~*   He has learned the Chinese martial arts(Kung Fu) from the early age, and he joined EXO as the Rapper~!  His dream will become an action movie star.....!!
Personally, I'm very proud of EXO Chinese Members "Tao and Lay"...!!
"Tao" speak Korean language very well than "Lay", but "Lay" speak Chinese language completely .....!!
So,"Tao" grow up enough to be appeared in SBS TV entertainment program(the law of Jungle)....!! "Tao" was completely finished so adapted in Korea^^

[ Tao, born in 1993  183cm  from China ]

Tao, MV  Scene

 Tao,  on The Stage  Photo Collection ]

[ (EXO 902014) Tao's remake Jo-sung mo(Do You Know,아시나요) MV ]

[   Tao,  fashion &  Pictorial  Collection   ]

[ 2014.10 Super Junior M ZHOUMI, (Rewind  ft, EXO Tao) MV ]