Thursday, April 17, 2014

[K-pop] Big Bang part 1 (about sexy TOP)

in last year(2013), American music magazine "Rolling Stone"selected "Top" of BIGBANG as the most sexy man in the World
Only one Unit of "BIgBang" is "GD & TOP" and After released their regular Album(Monster) in 2012~**
Each members have had personal Music activity, but Each member's musicality are amazing~!!   BigBang album Sale in the United States is similar to SNSD
at this post, I will introduce of the most sexy man "TOP"
in Addition...Between 6.2 ~ 6.7,  "Top" held their Image photo exhibitions  of the commemoration of his 27 old years 

[ Top(Choi-SeungHyun), born in 1987 181cm  ]

AD shoot with Park Shin Hye

[  Big Bang Top,  on the stage photos  ]

[ 2011.2  Big Bang (GD & Top),  Hit Song (Baby Good night)  MV ]

[  Big Bang Top,  Image Book photos ]

[ Big Bang Top,  Pictorial  collection  ]

[  Big Bang Top,  Album teaser  ]

Big Bang (5 members )

[ 2010.6  Big Babg Top, Hit Song(Turn in up ) MV  ]

[ The best Artist of the year in 2013 MAMA AwardsBig Bang Performances ]