Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kpop Queen SNSD part 4 (about Hyoyeon )

As you Know,  Hyoyeon is the Dancing Queen.....!! in addition, Hyoyeon's exotic beauty is very popular in Korea, especially Europe...!!
in 2011, When the SM town Concert was held in Paris.....Among SNSD members, hers popularity was the most great.....!!
Moreover, these days, hers beauty is in the peak...!!
at this posts, Let's feel the unique charm of Hyoyeon...!!

[ Hyoyeon(Kim-hyoyeon), born in 1989 ]
**She has the best vivacious personality....!!

[ Hyoyeon, Airport Fashion ]

[ Hyoyeon, at various Event place ]

[ 2012.7, MBC entertainment program (Dancing With a Star) was Survival program which Korean female celebrities dance with professional sports dancers As one team..!! Hyoyeon was ranked # 2 in this Survival program]

[ 2014.12, MBC Music Festival photo time ]

[ 2014.12, SNSD Photo time at KBS Music Festival ]

[ Hyoyeon, stage performances Photos ]

[  SNSD (Mr Mr),  Hyoyeon Version ]

[ Hyoyeon, Pictorial Collection ]