Sunday, April 13, 2014

K-pop Queen SNSD part 5, (Tiffany, between pure and Sexiness~!! )

Tiffany was always angel of smile and Tiffany has had the most feminine beauty in SNSD members~*  
but, Tiffany has had a unique Sexiness~!!

After I Know that Tiffany was between pure and Sexiness, I felt a little shock~!!
Nowadays, Tiffany is love in K-pop "2PM" (Nichkhun

[ Tiffany Hwang, born in 1989  from USA ]

[ Tiffany, on the Stage pictures ]

[ 2013. 3  Ariana Grande (The way) MV ]
**Personally, I like her and her's fan~!!

[ 2014.1 Tiffany Sang Ariana Grand Song( the Way) ]

[ 2013.12.29 TaTiSeo, (Crazy in love) in SBS Music festival ]
***TaeTiSeo say that lead Singer of  SNSD(Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun)

[ Tiffany,  Beauty & Sexy  Pictorial collection  ]

[ Tiffany, SNSD new Song (MrMr) Scene ]

[ Tiffany, CeCi Magazine Pictorial Shoot Video ]

[  Tiffany,  is love in 2PM (NicKhun)  ]