Friday, April 11, 2014

[K-POP] Super Junior M Part 1 (about Henry )

According to the rules of K-pop, Henry is the youngest singer of SM Town.... But, Henry is called as a K-pop monster  from Canada, He was graduated in Berkeley School of Music, and His playing piano and violin are professional level ....besides, his musicality  is genius......!!

at this post, I will introduce of "Henry" who's Super Junior M member......!!

[ Henry, born in 1989  178cm  from Canada ]
***Henry speak six languages​​, and especially, he is friendly with girl group f(x)"Amber"~!!

with Amber


[ 2013.6   Henry, Hit song (Trap)  MV ]

[ Henry, on the stage Photos ]

[ 2013.8  Henry, ( 1-4-3  I love you ) MV ]

[ Henry, Pictorial Collection ]

[ 2014.7  Henry, (Fantastic)  MV ]