Saturday, May 31, 2014

[ K-pop] Talk About T-ara part 1 ( perfect body Hyomin )

Popular K-pop girl group "T-ara" made a debut in 2009, with 2NE1, f(x), Sister, together~*
After "T-ara"(8 members) debuted in 2009.4,  but frequently member replaced
currently, consists of 6 members
Nevertheless, the most many reporters are going after Kpop girl group "T-ara"
In a word, all six members are very sexy~!!....Among K-pop girl groups, T-ara is the most sexy and popular girl group~!!
therefore At once, Introduction of T-ara is Impossible~!!  So, I will introduce of Hyomin who's famous for many Pictorial~!!

[ Hyomin, born in 1989  167cm  ]

[  Hyomin, first Solo Album( Nice Body)  Teaser Photos ]

[ 2014.6.30  released   Hyomin  Solo Album "Make Up" ( Title Song :  Nice Boby )  MV ]

[ Hyomin, on the Stage Photo Collection ]

[  Hyomin,  Fashion & Style  ]

[  Hyomin,   Sexy  Pictorial  Collection  ]

[ 2013.10   T-ara  Hit song (Number 9)  MV ]

PS :  The following post is T-ara part 2 (Jiyeon)