Tuesday, June 17, 2014

[K-pop ] Amazing 2NE1 ( Regular Second Album and Original teaser photos)

YG Family "2NE1" and SM Town "SNSD" need not have to compete~!! ... because 2NE1 can't do SNSD concert performance, likewise, SNSD can't do 2NE1 hip-hop concert performance~!.... these days, 2NE1 said that really hope to have more long success of SNSD^^

Today, I introduce of 2NE1 Second regular Album ( Crush ) & Hit Song (gotta be you) and Amazing Original Album teaser photos~!!

[ 2NE1 Regular Second Album( Crush ) Photos ]



Park bom



(Gotta be you, 너아님 안돼)

[ 2014.5  2NE1  Regular 2 Album (Gotta be You)  MV  ]
*** this music contents is that the old lover(You) or Never~!!

[  CL (Lee-Che Rin) ]

[  Park- Bom  ]

[  Park- Sandra  ]

[  Gong- Min Ji  ]

2NE1   Pictorial

[  2NE1 (Come Back Home)  English Version MV ]

[ 2014.3   2NE1 ( Come Back Home ) in M net TV  M Countdown ]