Monday, June 2, 2014

[K-pop] Talk About T-ara part 2 (The most Sexy Queen, Jiyeon")

I said that Korean entertainment reporters have the most much interest to T-ara in K-pop girl groups (my post ,T-ara part 1
because T-ara is the most sexy girl group~!!  Among the sexy girl group T-ara, Commonly, Korean press say that the most beautiful and sexy member is "Jiyeon"
So I will introduce of T-ara(Jiyeon) in this post~!!

[ Park-Jiyeon, born in 1993  167cm ]
***Jiyeon is familiar with Korea people's younger Sister IU, and She has a role as the music broadcast MC~!!

Jiyeon's look debut before 

Jiyeon's look debut after

Hers solo debut song(Never Ever) teaser 1

Hers solo debut song(Never Ever) teaser 2

[ Jiyeon,  Album  teaser  collection  ]

[ 2014.5.19   Jiyeon,  Solo debut Song( Never  Ever)  MV ]
***This Song contents is that She can not to forget old love~!!

[ 2014.5.24  Jiyeon,  Solo debut Stage (Never  Ever)  in MBC  Music Core ]

[  Jiyeon,  fashion & beautiful Sexiness ]

[  Park-Jiyeon,  on the stage  photo  collection  ]

[ 2013.4.29   T-ara Unit (T-ara N4) Hit Song ( Jeon Won Diary)  MV ]

EunJung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, Arum  4 members

[ Park-Jiyeon,  Pictorial  Collection ]