Tuesday, June 24, 2014

[Kpop] Korea People's first Love "Suzy" ( Miss A)

in Kpop,  If "IU" was Korea People's first younger Sister,  "Suzy" is Korea People's first Love.....!!
in 2014, Korean Kpop magazine did a surveys....!!   Surveys contents was " who is the most favorite Idol among K-pop female Artist ??".......!!   The results was that the best favorite Idol was Suzy (25%), the second was SNSD Yoona (21%), the third was IU (18%) order...!!
As Suzy favorite reason, S.Korea young man said that the attractive point of Suzy was feel like girl friend, not celebrities .... !!
Suzy is a Singer as a member of girl group "Miss A" ... but, She is famous of CF Queen than a singer.....!!
Suzy earns 10 billion won with Korea money per a year as Advertising.....!!!
So today, introduce of Suzy who's in aspects of CF & Pictorial Model & Drama Actress than a singer.....!! 

[ Bae-Suzy,  born in 1994  169 cm ]

[  Suzy, Elle Magazine Photoshoot ]

[ Suzy, Cosmopolitan Magazine Photoshoot ]

[ Suzy & Kim Soo Hyun, Outdoor Beanpole Ad Shoot ]

[ Beanpole  AD Video ]

[ Suzy is a fan of Ryu Hyun-Jin Who's a Major League LA Dodgers..!! ]

[ Suzy's cuteness and "Miss A" Hit song (Hush), related photos ]

[ Miss A, (Hush) at 2013 KBS Music Festival ]

Suzy's Selfie Collection ]