Wednesday, June 11, 2014

[Kpop] EXO part 16 (Sexy Charisma, Kai)

The fact that EXO-K is more popular than EXO-M in Korea are the reason why has outstanding lead Singer Baekhyun & D.O, and Amazing Rapper Chanyeol, but above all, the most important point is that "Kai" & "Sehun"( aka :dancing machine) always be overwhelmed on EXO-K stage~!!
So, Kai & Sehun are always familiar each other
Today....As Kpop Special,  introduces of EXO "Kai" who looks sexy charisma~!!

[ Kai(Kim-Jong In), born in 1994.1  182cm ]

[  Kai & SeHun Combi & Kai  in Dream Concert  phothos ]

[ 2014.10 EXO 902014(Kai), remake song( in Summer) MV ]

[ Sexy  Kai,  Photo Collection ]

[  Kai,  Sexy Charisma on the Stage ]

[ 2014.6  Kai, celebrity magazine photo shoot, dancing Ballerino ]

[  Kai ,  Sexy Look  Pictorial Collection ]

[  2014.5.15  EXO-K( Overdose) won the Winner in M Countdown  ]