Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Korea Top Racing Girl "Heo-yun mi's Sexiness"

[ Sexy Queen,  Heo-Yun Mi,  born in 1988  172 cm ]
**She debuted in 2007 as a Racing Girl, and currently serves as singer and model both~!!  
hers Nickname is face book Queen~!! 

[ 2013  Seoul  Motor Show ( Heo Yun Mi ) Video ]

Heo-Yun Mi, Sexy  Pictorial  Collection ]

[ 2014  Seoul Motor Show  ( Heo-Yun Mi ) Video ]

Monday, July 28, 2014

Kpop first female "Korean Wave Star" (Kwon-Boa)

"Kwon-Boa" is appended with modifiers for "the legend of K-pop" or "Stars of Asia" ~!! 
She made a debut in 2000 year, and then started singer activities in Japan, and She was awarded the best Japan Music Star i2010 by the Billboard ~!!   So to speakShe became a goddess in Japanese ~!! 
She is currently served as the director of SM town, and she has a role as film actress and singer together ~!! 
I introduce of Kwon-Boa who's a legend of Kpop~** 

[ Kwon-Boa, born in 1986  163 cm ]

[  2012.7   Kwon-Boa,  Great Hit Song 
( Only One )  MV ]
**Boa is a pioneer in Kpop Dance~!!

[ 2013.1   Kwon-Boa,  Hit Song
 ( Disturbance, 그런너 )  MV ]

[ 2011  Boa, (eat you up)  MV ]

in 2008 released, Boa song (eat you up) was trying to approach of America

[  Kwon-Boa,  Album teaser  &  Pictorial collection ]

[ Kwon-Boa,  Movie starring Steel Cut ]

Hollywood movies [make your move]


[ Movie (Make your MoveTrailer in 2014 ]