Saturday, July 5, 2014

The best Popular Star( Lee-Min Ho) in Korea

KBS2 TV Drama (Boys over Flower, 꽃보다남자) was aired between 1.5 ~ 3.31 in 2009 ....!!   
In those days, the popularity of this Drama had captured women's heart overwhelmingly~!!
In addition, this drama is Lee-Min Ho debut Drama....!! 
Those daysAppeared together with Kim-Hyun Joong who has a lot of female fans as Kpop SS501 member....!!
Anyway, thanks to the popularity of this drama, Lee-Min Ho became Korean Wave Star...., He also announced a number of Music Album~!!   
Especially, his popularity in Japan & China is amazing as much as you can not imagine ~!!
in this post, I will introduce of "Lee-Min Ho" who's handsome and tall actor....!!

[ Lee-Min Ho, born in 1987  187cm ]

Lee-MinHo, Fan Meet at Japan & China ]

[ K-Drama(Boys over Flower), Lee-Min Ho & Goo-Hye Sun Kiss Scene ]

[ 2015.1 release schedule Movie(Gangnam,1970) press conference ]

[ Lee-Min Ho, Starring Action Movie (Gangnam 1970) Trailer ]

[  Lee-Min Ho, Airport Fashion ]

 [ Advertising model Pictorials ]

[  Lee-Min Ho, Pictorial  Collection ]

[ 2014.4  Lee-Min Ho, Star Magazine Photoshoot ]