Sunday, August 24, 2014

[Kpop] 2NE1 (about Park-Sandara)

Usually, the Image of Kpop girl groups are beautiful & sexy, But, In case on 2NE1, they looks cool & smart~*
This point is the difference between KPop girl group & 2NE1^^
on my opinion, the most cool member is CL, but  the most Ideal member is Park-Sandara~!!
Park-Sandara looks cool & Cute aspect together
Today, introduce of Park-Sandara photo collection & the past 2NE1 Hit Songs~**

[ Park-Sandara,  born in 1984 ]

[ 2011.5  released  2NE1 (Lonely)  Recording Version ]

[ 2013.5,  2NE1 (released 2009Can not Nobody) in Seoul, Hanyang University Festival ]

[  park-Sandara,  Pictorial  Collection  ]

[ 2009.8  2NE1(Fire) MV(Street Ver.) ]