Wednesday, August 6, 2014

[ Kpop ] EXO part 18 ( Outstanding Leader SuHo )

After EXO comeback as new song(Overdose), EXO was preparing of exclusive concert at the Seoul Olympic Stadium in 5.25, But in 5.18, Kris was suddenly left the team, and has appeared in the China films of 40s women film director  ~!!
At that time, EXO Suddenly had to change all choreography ~ *
Recently, the reporter questioned "Suho" who's EXO leader, "how to be able to hold the exclusive concert at that time??

EXO "SuHo" said to reporter , " now, Do you look me as a Dieted body? "
EXO "Suho" said that all members were sick and embarrassed at that Time~!!
How do you think of Korea EXO fan's thoughts & Judgement?
and Currently, EXO concert name(EXO Planet) was changed to "EXO the lost planet"...!
I introduce of outstanding guy (SuHo)~*

[ SuHo(Kim-Joonmyun), born in 1991, 176cm ]

[ 2012.11   EXO-K,  The Power  MV ]

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