Wednesday, August 20, 2014

[Kpop] "Korean Wave Star" girl group "KARA" (focus : Goo-Hara)

KARA is popular Kpop girl group as "Korean Wave Star", and they made a debut in 2007 with Girls Generation 
From Debut days,  KARA consist of 5 members, and they released numerous hit songs in Japan and home ~ **

in 2013, KARA was awarded "Top Korean Wave Artist" by Japan~!!
but , When they came back in domestic in 2013, Nicole & Kang-Jiyoung of KARA had seceded from KARA..., there is no reason why they had seceded from KARA.., Only one truth is they're immoral betrayer~**
because of this accident, KARA had to be in silent for 1 years, and fortunately, KARA was recruited as new member, Her name is "Heo-YoungJi"(20-year-old) .......!!

2014.8.18, KARA released 6 th mini album (Mamma Mia), and they expressed gratitude to the KARA's fans been waiting for their comeback~!!
in KARA, Co-exist "innocent and sexy" and "Major member" is "Goo-Hara
therefore, I am looking back at KARA's trail  focused on "Goo-Hara"~**

[ New KARA 4 members ]






[ 2014.8.18  released  KARA New Album( Mamma Mia )  MV ]

[ 2014.8   KARA (Mamma Mia)  Show Case  Video ]

[  Goo-Hara, born in 1991  163 cm  ]

[  Goo-Hara, on the Stage  Pictures ]

[  Goo-Hara, Sexy  Pictorials ]

[  Kpop Top Class girl group KARA, Hit  Song  Collection ]

[ 2011.3  KARA (Mr) MV ]

[ 2011.9   KARA (Step)  MV ]

[ 2012.8   KARA (Pandora)  MV ]