Sunday, August 10, 2014

Popular Kpop Sexy Girl group (Girl's Day) part 1 (focus : Min-ah)

Probably, All Kpop girl groups nearly pursuit of Sexy-Concept.......!!
this situation rely on "state of period", in other words, this "state of period" require of us something excellent than other person....!!
So, All world girl singers must pursuit of Sexiness ^^
likewise, All male singers are same too
in Kpop, Excellent female groups as Sexy concept are "Girl's day" & "T-ara" etc~!!
at this posts, I introduce of Minah (Girl's Day, lead Vocal) ...!!
She is popular in cuteness and vivacious sexiness 
and  I will introduce of sexy member "Hyeri" of "Girl's Day" at next posts~**

[ Park Min-ah, born in 1993  165 cm ]

with Yura

[ 2014.3  Girl's Day, BNT photoshoot ]

[ 2015.3 released Minah Solo Album (I'm a woman too) MV ]

[ 2015.3.17  Minah, Comeback(I'm a woman too) at SBS Show ]

[ Minah, stage show pictures ]

[ Minah, Sexy pictorial  &  Album teaser  Collection ]

[ 2014.7 Girl's Day,Hit Song(Darling) MV ]
** I feel this MV like a sexy Pictorial continuous series