Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Popular Kpop Sexy Girl group (Girl's Day) part 2 ( focus : Hyeri )

Except "SNSD" & "2NE1", and Next Top class Kpop girl group are "Sister", "f(x)", "Girl's day", "T-ara", "Apink", "Dal Shabet", "9 muses" etc ~**
Among this group, popular Sexy concept girl group are Girl's Day, T-ara, 9Muses ~!! Here, unusual thing, T-ara & 9Muses express the matured sexiness, and but Girl's day express Cuteness & vivacious sexiness~!!
Among Girl's Day 4 members, express of vivacious sexiness girl is Hyeri~!!  Minah express vivacious cuteness~!!
So at this posts, Introduce of Hyeri (Girl's Day) ^^

[ the youngest member, Hyeri, born in 1994 166cm ]

[  2010 year  Hyeri,  Debut days  photos ]

[  2013.3  Girl's Day  Great  Hit Song (Expect, 기대해)  MV ]
**Girl's Day became the Kpop Top Class girl group with this song

[ 2013.4.20   Girl's Day (Expect, 기대해)  in MBC Music Core ]

[ Hyeri,  at the fansign place ]

[  Hyeri,  Sexy Pictorials &  Album teaser  Collection ]

[ 2014.1  Girl's Day Hit Song(Something)  MV ]