Wednesday, September 24, 2014

[ Kpop] TaeTiSeo (2nd mini Album)

 2012, TaeTiseo part 1 (Twinkle) was the heart of a woman who want to look beautiful~!!
But 2014.9, TaeTiSeo part 2(Holler) express the heart of a matured woman who shout to all cool guy  "love me sweetly"
TaeTiSeo Second Mini Album (title Song: Holler) contain 6 new song
the characteristics of song (Holler) is that TaeTiSeo 3 angels sound are more gorgeous than 9 angels of SNSD~**
Treatise is 3 lead vocal Singer of SNSD, and the change of TaeTiSeo is that the youngest member Seohyun become a leader of TaeTiSeo ~ * and She leads TaeTiSeo stage ~!!

[ TaeTiSeo, 2nd Mini Album photos ]

[ TaeTiSeo, 2nd Mini Album (title : Holler) MV ]

[ SeoHyun, 2nd  Mini Album Photos ]

[ Taeyeon, 2nd mini Album Photos ]

[ Tiffany, 2nd Mini Album Photos ]

[ Among TaeTiSeo 2nd mini album 6 songs, "Whisper" & "Adrenaline" are popular as much as "Holler" in Korea~!! ]

[ 2014.9  TaeTiSeo, (Adrenaline + Holler) in Mnet Mcountdown ]

[ 20104.9  TaeTiseo, (Whisper + Holler) in MBC Music Core ]

[ Among 6 songs, TaeTiseo had record first this Song(Stay) at this year Summer~!!  and the features of this Song is very gorgeous like the lyrics which want to stay in Summer memories~** ]