Sunday, September 21, 2014

[ K-Drama] Korean Popular Actress (Park-Ha sun)

Korea Popular actress "Park-Ha Sun" is typical Korean beautiful woman ~ !!  She is famous of pure & natural beauty, and She has a lot of "Aegyo"...Moreover, She is the best actress goes well with "Hanbok(korean traditional Cloth)~!!
She is one of my favorite actress^^

[ Park-Ha Sun, born in 1987  165cm ]
She had appeared in MBC Korean history Drama(Dong-Yi, 2012 year) and starring of SBS Drama (Temptation, 2014.7

[ Aired 2012 year, MBC Drama( Dong-Yi,동이) OST  by Jang Na Ra ]

[ MBC Drama (Dong-Yi)  Ep 13 ]

[ MBC Drama (Dong-Yi)  Ep 18 ]