Sunday, September 7, 2014

[ Kpop ] Talk about SHINee (Choi-MinHo 2)

SHINee complete comeback seems to pass through this year, because  even though SHINee leader Onew's vocal surgery was full recovery, SHINee have to finished Japan tour till the end of the year~!!
But, Taemin's Solo transformation was a big hit ~ *
Today, Let's talk about SHINee Minho~* 
in this year, He entered Seoul Kun-Kuk University and elected as promote model, in addition,he is all-round sportsman,
in a word, His handsome looks are peak ^^

[ Choi-Minho, born in 1991  182 cm ]

[ Minho attend to premiere of the Movie(Pirates) that f(x)Sulli appeared ]

[  Minho, watching basketball game ]

[  Minho, Sportswear Model  ] 

[ Minho, very good at Suits ]

Promote Model of  University

[  Minho,  on the stage Scenes ]

[ 2013.11  released for Japanese SHINee Song(3,2,1) ]

[ 2014.5 released for Japanese, SHINee Song (Lucky Star) ]

[  Airport  Fashion  &  Pictorials ]