Thursday, October 9, 2014

Recent Kpop the best topic "IU (Sogyeok dong)"

in 10.20 2014, As KPop first Hip Hop legend, "Seo Taiji" will announce his 9th Regular Album (title: quiet night) ....!! Especially, "Seo Taiji" released New Song (sogyeok dong) of IU version, and this Song emerged of recent Kpop hot issue~!!
in particular, this song content express that gloomy1970s of S.Korea, and Seo Taiji's composition is very unique !! previous IU third album (Modern Times) was also made by actively support of Kpop old singer !!
I will introduce of the best topic song(sogyeok dong) of IU and her's 4th mini Album (Flower bookmark, 책갈피)

[ IU (Lee-Eun Ji), born in 1993  163cm ]

[  Kpop legend,  Seo Taiji, born in 1972  175cm ]

[ 2014.10.6, IU X Seo Taiji (Sogyeokdong) MV ]
**This Song Story is that love story of gloomy 1970s in Korea~!!

[ IU,  4th Mini AlBum (Flower Book mark, 책갈피) Teaser ]

**4th Mini Album of IU are remake of old famous singer's song

[ 2013.12, IU (Friday, 금요일에 만나요) MV ]

[ 2014.6  IU, Private Concert (Friday) ]

[ 2014.5  IU(meaning of You, 너의 의미 ft Kim Chang-Wan ) MV ]

IU,  Pictorial  Collection ]