Friday, November 7, 2014

[Hot] the most Popular Kpop Solo Singer (Ailee) who has Powerful Voice & glamorous Body~!!

"Ailee" was born in USA and lived in New Jersey ... !! When She was 18 years old, She was unknown singer who's singing at the Bar,and she acted also as underwear model together ~ !!
Ailee made a debut as a Kpop solo singer in 2012.2~!!     Surprisingly, She was born Singer who has powerful voice^^
in addition, Even She is small height, but has glamorous Body ~ !!
in 2012.10, when she released 2nd mini Album(I will show you, 보여줄께), she had already gutted the popular as top class Kpop solo artists~!! 
Another one, She won the best vocal performance artist at 2014 MAMA

[ Ailee, born in 1989  163 cm ]

Aileereleased Album cover collection ]

2012.2  Debut Solo Album( Heaven)

2012.10 1st mini Album (I will show you)

2013.7  2nd mini Album( U & I)

[ 2012.7  Ailee, great Hit Song(I will Show you, 보여줄께)  MV  ]

[ After Ailee announced 3rd Mini Album (Don't touch me, 손대지마) in 9.25 2014, She became a Model of "Korea Style Make-Up Brand (Cargo)" ]

[ 2014.9.25  Ailee, Hit Song(Don't touch me, 손대지마) MV ]

[ 2014.12.3  Ailee won the best Vocal performance Artist at 2014 MAMA ]

[ Ailee, on the stage  photos ]

[ Ailee has a powerful voice enough to be called as Korean "Whitney Houston" ]
( 2014.4  Ailee, Remembering Whitney Houston in KBS2 immortal song )

[ Ailee, Pictorial  Collection ]